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Ymt 1300 Hand Desenfection Unit

ymt 1300 _hand_desenfection_system

Technical information about the machine is given below. However, in general use of hand disinfectant, foot disinfectant, hand sanitization and hand and foot disinfection machines are; Yogur - Milk - Bread - Oil processing plants. Fish processing facilities. Textile Firms Meat cutting facilities Beverage manufacturing companies Great bakeries. Dining halls.

Detail :
  • Size : 500 x 900 x 1300 mm
  • Weight : 70 kg
  • Production Time : 10 days
  • Raw Material :304 Stainless Steel
  • Warranty : 2 Year
  • Using Area : to Enter Tualet , to Enter production area , to Enter to any place which need be disinfection of hand.
  • How Many Person : 1 to 100 person.
  • How To Use: The user places both hands in the hole.The machine sprays disinfectant on hand within 2 seconds. Then after the turnstile will give permition to pass otherside. Otherway,if theuser want, They can add disinfectant solution to shoe disinfectant pool
  • hand and shoes and boot desenfectan and sanitation unit machine