What is the our Warranty Politic?

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About Warranty.

First of all we would like to inform you that you will have   warranty after you get our machine.
Warranty general scope ; Any error due to production, defect.
Warranty Coverage time : 2 year.
Support under warranty : Spare Part  - Technical Support - Product change - on-site technical support  
Conditions for cancellation of the guarantee:  any intervention to the machine, disassembly, replacement of parts of the machine, Foreign liquid contact with the product.

Problem detection :

A- if possible, take the video record of the problem and send it to us.

B- Our technical team will review the video that  you sent and will identify the problem.

    If the problem can be solved by remote assistance:

Our technical team will try to solve the problem by guiding you through remote help.

    If the problem is solved with spare parts support

Our technical team will provide you   the spare parts that  you need for free. (We do not              
support cargo cost)

    If the problem requires on-site intervention.

As soon as possible our technical staff will visit your company to solve the problem.( we do not support Travel , Food and stay cost of Technical Staff)

    Product change :

If the machine still fails, We will supply you with new machines.