Our company which operate in metal industry, is offer service to diffirent sectors as a manufacturer in domestic and abroad markets. We are producing medical ,dental and hygiene equipments in domestic market.

Our company follow closely the developments and innovations in sector for offering batter service to the customers. From the establishment day to this day, our foundation that aims to present quality equipments according to the requirements of customers with proper price policy ,have taken care get in longtime, warm contacts with customers that depends on trust.

Short Info :
  • Founded : 1998
  • How many Workers: Between 15-25
  • Export: Europa - Middle East - Russia and africa
  • Dealers : Soudi Arabia - Lebonon - Jordan - Russia
  • Mounthly Production Capacity : Between 15-30 Machine
Management Units :
  • Founder : Mr Cevat KIRAN
  • General Manager : Mr. Ugur KIRAN - ugur.kiran@intermetltd.com.tr
  • Production Manager : Mr. Onur KIRAN - onur.kiran@intermetltd.com.tr
  • Export Manager : Mr Mustafa KAYMAK -export@intermethygiene.com
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